100 Day Shopping Ban

100 Day Shopping Ban

Hi my name’s Harriet and I’m a shopaholic. It’s a problem, a huge problem, I’m ADDICTED.

Seeing as we’re being honest here, I’ll lay all my cards on the table; I spend too much money. Fact.

The worst part is, I genuinely don’t know what I spend my money on. I buy too much makeup, too many clothes, shoes I don’t need and fragrances I wasn’t sure I liked in the first place.

It has to end and it has to end NOW.

I have seen bloggers do shopping bans before and that has not only inspired this one for myself, but also gives me great encouragement knowing that I’m not alone!

So, what’s the real reason I’m embarking on a shopping ban?

Most of you know that I’m in the process of moving house. Those of you that have done so yourself will know that it’s really not a cheap task! I’d love to be able to buy the things we need for our new home without having to worry about not having the money.

I appreciate I’ve left it quite late to start this ban. We’re due to move in 5 or 6 weeks so I’ve not left myself much ‘saving’ time… Bugger.

So, what are the rules?

Everyone that takes part in a shopping ban has a different set of rules but the main point of any ban is to get yourself into a financially stable state over the course of a set amount of days.

I’ve thought long and hard over the length of time I should do this ban; I’ve seen some ranging from a week to an unbelievably long time of 2 years! So ok, 2 years is a no go. However, I’ve made my decision. My shopping ban will last for…

100 days

(of no ‘selfish’ purchases)

What do I mean by a ‘selfish’ purchase?

So a ‘selfish’ purchase is a purchase that I myself, and only I would gain from. For example they could be things like:

  • New makeup
  • New clothes
  • Starbucks coffee
  • Luxury haircare
  • etc…

Purchases that benefit my home, my family or essentials are things that I will be able to buy. For example:

  • Paying the house bills (obviously)
  • Putting petrol in my car
  • Weekly food shop
  • Clothes for Jack
  • Presents for family / friends
  • etc…

Here is a breakdown of my rules:

  1. I’m not allowed to buy any beauty products including: makeup, skincare, haircare, body care. If I run out of anything essential (such as shampoo / body wash / basic makeup nothing fancy) I can replace it on a ‘1 in 1 out’ basis. No bulk buying!
  2. There will be no shopping for clothes, jewellery, bags etc. I have more than enough and quite frankly, I’m sure I still have some items in my wardrobe with the tags still attached. This point is non-negotiable.
  3. No takeaways unless it is a special occasion (I might as well use this shopping ban to start a bit of a heath kick too right?) I will also give up my daily takeaway coffee (Starbucks).
  4. Gifts for other people, essentials and things that I need once we move home (paying for removal men, carpets, white goods, etc.) are the only things I am allowed to buy.
  5. With all the money I end up saving through my spending cut backs I will use to purchase items for the new family home. I will then use the money I am saving to pay off credit cards and finally start a savings fund.

So that I keep track of this I will also try to write down everything that I buy over the next 100 days. By keeping track of my purchases I’ll be reminded of what is an ‘essential’ purchase and what is ‘luxury’ therefore stoping me make any accidental slip ups! I’ll post regular updates so within this I will share with you if I’ve had to buy anything during that period of time.

The ban unofficially started last week but as I was unsure of the length of time I was going to do it for I hadn’t really committed fully. Seeing as my ban lasts 100 days it will end on….

Wednesday 2nd November

…. Gulp.

Seeing an end date really enforces just how long 100 days is. Am I going to be able to do this? I really hope so… Thinking about it, this ban ends at a pretty perfect time as I should be able to afford some wonderful Christmas presents for people this year! How exciting!

If you’re also on a shopping ban or indeed thinking of starting one then please get in touch! Don’t hesitate to drop a comment below or get in touch on Twitter to talk about it! My Twitter name is @MissPasco


– With Lipstick and Love x



  1. Alex
    24th July 2016 / 6:39 pm

    No no no you can’t 😉 I have known you to long babes 🙂 but good luck trying ! Xxx

    • Harriet
      24th July 2016 / 7:33 pm

      Thanks gorgeous! It’s going to be sooo tough, but it needs to be done! 🙁 xxx

  2. Claire Watson
    24th July 2016 / 10:02 pm

    You can do it mate! It’s a really good idea! I reckon after the first month you will find it easy and just be used to it!!!

  3. 10th August 2016 / 6:57 am

    I loved this post! This is such a good idea. I spend far on meeting friends, eating out and random stuff as well as clothes etc. I think I may try this too.

    • Harriet
      10th August 2016 / 7:44 am

      You should go for it! It’s tough, but it’ll be soo worth it when the 100 days are up! If you do decide to do it let me know how you get on xxx

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