25 Things That Devastate All Makeup Addicts

25 Things That Devastate All Makeup Addicts

Makeup. It’s the best thing in our lives right? Wrong. Why? Because when things don’t go right the results can be catastrophic! I’ve compiled a list of 25 makeup related hiccups that can not only devastate me, but if caught in the wrong mood could potentially ruin my day. Have a read and a giggle and let me know if you agree!

1. Squeezing out just a little too much foundation.

2. And knowing the precise amount of money you lost because of said mistake.

3. Doing your eyeliner and not being able to breathe because you’re genuinely scared it can sense your fear.

4. Running out of your most loved products all at the same time.

5. Having your heart set on a very particular lip colour and then finding out it looks completely different on your lips.

6. Applying your mascara very carefully but then accidentally brushing the wand against your nose / side of your cheek.

7. Getting mascara gloop in the corners of your eyes.

8. Finishing your perfect eye makeup and them immediately wanting to rub the fuck out of your eye.

9. Or just forgetting you even have eye makeup on and rubbing your eye.

10. Your foundation being a shade too light because of tanning, and not having enough money to buy the same foundation in a darker shade.

11. Your matte lip colour drying in the cracked crevices of your lips, revealing how horrendously dry and wrinkled they really are.

12. Getting excited about a makeup tutorial and then finding out all of the products are not available in your country.

13. Or that they cost your entire salary.

14. Cleaning your makeup brushes and seeing just how much gunk actually comes out of them.

15. Realising too late that your eyeliner brush has caught a bit of fluff on it and thus ruined your otherwise perfect eyeliner wing.

16. Sharpening your lip pencil to the point where it just breaks off again.

17. And never having a bin nearby to dispose of the sharpenings.

18. Never being able to find your sharpener full stop.

19. Dropping your pressed powder on the floor and watching it die before your very eyes.

20. Never being able to get fully matching eyeliner wings… Or eyebrows.

21. One of your items leaking in your makeup bag and tainting all of your other products.

22. Having a perfect makeup day but no one commenting on how great it looks.

23. Doing your makeup in what looks like good lighting and then stepping out into daylight and realising it was a massive mistake.

24. Thinking that you’re actually good at makeup but then seeing someone who literally looks straight out of an airbrushed magazine.

25. Not being able to ever wear white.


… I mean, it’s not just me. Right?


What’s the biggest makeup devastation you’ve encountered? Let me know!


– With Lipstick and Love x


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