Behind the Scenes at ASOS

Behind the Scenes at ASOS

I was recently invited to have an afternoon at ASOS HQ to see what happens behind the scenes on their photo shoots and discover exactly what it’s like working for peoples go-to online shopping brand. I took my sister with me (because why not, she’s just as nosey as I) and we really did have a day to remember…

Their offices are huge, I mean, that’s to be expected right? But I can honestly tell you that Beth and I were both blown away by them. Not only were they big but they were beautiful too. The reception area was Instagram worthy, bright and spacious with a calm and tranquil atmosphere. It was definitely a nice and relaxed welcome to the day.

ASOS Head Office

Just off the main reception there were rooms full of clothes, all neatly lined up in perfectly spaced out rails. I was hoping this was us catching a sneak peak at some new products yet to arrive on the site! My first thought was that it looked like an art gallery. Not a single item was out of place and they had all been hung proudly as though they were meant to be admired and not worn.

ASOS Head Office

We were met by two lovely girls who took us upstairs and showed us around. We then grabbed some coffee and spoke about all things ASOS. Some of the things they shared with us I was genuinely gobsmacked at. I honestly had no idea how these girls were so happy and calm when it sounded as though they had to spin a million plates at the same time on a daily basis! To give you an idea of what they get up to here are a handful of things they shared with us that I can’t seem to shake out of my mind. Some of these of truly mind-blowing!

  • They get over 1,000 new products in a week
  • Every product they get in works on a ‘5 day turnaround’ meaning they have 5 days from the moment their retail team purchase the item to get it into Head Office, process it on their system, find a model to wear the item, get the model in, shoot the photos, shoot the video, and get the product live on the site ready for customers to buy… All in 5 days! What the hell!
  • Their casting department have to cast at least 30 models a day to keep up with demand
  • The majority of models they use are cast off the street or at festivals. In fact ASOS will regularly send talent scouts to large events in the hope to find some new models
  • If you are spotted by ASOS and you aren’t previously a model you are expected to work exclusively for them
  • Cara Delevinge started her modelling career at ASOS
  • When models are shooting the product they have 4 minutes to get their photo and video nailed, and aren’t ever allowed any longer to get the perfect shot… No pressure guys!

After finding out all the ASOS gossip we were met the wonderful studio team and were told that they wanted to give us the ‘real ASOS experience’. We were put through hair and makeup, which by the way ASOS have a strict set of rules to abide by when doing their models makeup. They like the minimal ‘fresh faced’ look. You’ll find no striking red lips and dark smokey eyes here! Once they’d finished giving us both the ‘ASOS look’ they put us in front of a camera and well… You can see the results for yourself below! Heads up, my sister is stunning! Like no joke, they were so impressed with her photos. (Proud big sister alert!)

I know I said it before but can we please take a moment to gawp over how much of a beaut my sister is? I mean HELLOOOO! Legs 11! You should definitely check her out and give her a follow over on Instagram and Twitter as she’s hilarious.

– With Lipstick and Love x

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