Blogging Cliches I Love

Blogging Cliches I Love

There’s no denying it, the world is full of cliches and blogging is no exception. Of course a lot of us have similar likes and dislikes and similar interests so it’s only natural that we end up with the similar clothes, homewares and colour schemes. In a world where we all try to stand out and be individual, sometimes it’s impossible not to fall into life’s little cliches. Today I wanted to share a few blogging cliches that I quite happily tick the box for…

All white everything

From furniture to my Insta feed. I love white. I’ve totally fallen into the trap of an all white bedroom, all of my furniture is white, my bedding is white and although my bed itself isn’t white, it’s definitely a WOW bedframe. With a giant light nude fabric headboard, it feels as though I’m sleeping in a hotel bed every night. While my walls might not be a crisp white, in my bedroom I have light, muted nude tones and the rest of the house they’re a very light grey. (Also – who doesn’t love a bit of grey?) From homeware to my Insta photos, the whiter, lighter, and brighter the better.

Candles, candles everywhere

Are you really a blogger if you don’t like candles? Can you get through a blog post or even a vlog over on YouTube and not see one? As for me, I have them everywhere. A quick count makes 20 in my living room (seriously), 4 in the bedroom, 1 in the bathroom and 2 in the kitchen. Oh and if that wasn’t enough the sideboard in my living room also has around another 40 in it… You know, just incase I run out! I always have them burning, especially if I know somebody is coming around. I love having my home smell beautiful!

Marble backgrounds

Yes, this is probably the ultimate cliche, but you know what – I can’t get enough of it! I love that beautiful white and grey marble pattern, so whether it’s as a backdrop, a notebook or even my iPhone wallpaper; if it’s marble I need it. We’re in the process of planning to refit out kitchen and yes, you’ve guessed it… Marble counter tops! (In all seriousness though – that stuff’s expensive, if you know a cheaper alternative please help a girl out!)

Copper and Rose Gold everything

I can literally sense your eye-rolling and ‘oh come on!’ comments, but this is a post about blogging cliches so copper and rose gold was bound to get a mention! Personally I love the stuff, combine it with marble and for me, you’ve got the perfect combination for anything and everything in life. If I could dip myself in liquid rose gold I would… That stuff is GORGEOUS!

Stationery obsessed

If there’s one thing in life I love as much as candles, it’s stationery. I’ve actually had to ban myself from buying any more of the stuff as I have drawers full of unused notebooks, pens and gorgeous copper paper clips. most of the notebooks I have used only have a page or two used before I move onto the next… I mean, once you write a little bit messy it’s time to start afresh right?

Everything Apple

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted a Macbook. When they bought them out in that gorgeous pink shade it fuelled my need for one even more and I was lucky enough to receive one recently. Like most bloggers, all of my technology is Apple, and I wouldn’t turn back. After all, a laptop on a bed photo just isn’t the same if it isn’t Apple.

What blogging cliches do you love? Or are there any you can’t stand? Let me know!

– With Lipstick and Love x

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