Confessions of a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

Confessions of a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

Anyone that knows me well (or possibly not all that well at all) will know I’m a nosey person. I can’t help it, yes it’s bad, but I’m sure that if you were being truly honest with yourself you’ll admit you’re a bit of a nosey person too… Blogging is a funny world, I think people look in and think it’s something extremely wow and glamorous, trust me 9/10 it’s really not. I know there will be a lot of you that would love to know the behind-the-scenes sneaky bits that you don’t usually hear. So today I thought I’d ‘fess up, share with you all my thoughts and feelings about blogging. My real, honest, blogging confessions.

I edit my pictures to death.
True story. I mean, unless you believe that my face is as smooth as a baby’s bottom and completely poreless, then I’ll presume you’ve already worked this one out. I really don’t mind you guys knowing that I smooth the odd frown line or even remove the odd spot. Having a child really doesn’t make the ageing process all that kind to be honest. (Before anyone over sensitive complains that this must mean I don’t love my son – I love him to bits, but the late nights and the constant toddler battles do start to take their toll…) Most of my editing is actually for the photo as a whole opposed to making myself look 10 years younger though. Every image is edited in the exact same way. It’s actually become somewhat of an obsession. I can’t upload an image without editing, I really can’t. Instagram themes are totally to blame for this.

I’m awful at being sociable.
OK so perhaps this is actually a little unfair. I’m not awful at it, but I’m definitely not as good as I could be. I love chatting with people and getting to know more and more people within the blogging community, however I’m sometimes not as on the ball with responding to people as I should be – PLEASE don’t take this personally! I’m one of those terrible, awful people that will read your text / message / whatever and will know exactly what I want to respond, but get distracted (usually by daft animal videos on YouTube) and 3 days later I’ll remember I forgot to reply. Honestly, I’m sorry. Just give me a kick up the backside, I could do with it!

I hate that I can’t use a product until I’ve taken 100’s of photos of it
Honestly, it’s like embedded into my head now. If I buy, or am gifted, a product I know I won’t let myself use it until I’ve captured the perfect shot of it. I might have no intention of blogging about it but there’s always the ‘what if’. Things never look as pretty or quite as perfect when they’ve been used so I always make sure I get my camera out before this happens. It’s actually becoming a little bit obsessive, like seriously. The only thing I probably don’t photograph before I use it now is my deodorant… Send help.

I’m never happy with my logo / blog layout
I think this one is true for a lot of bloggers. I’ll get Spence to create a logo and I’ll think “YES! That’s the one! That’s it forever, I love it!” Only for a week later to think “Ahhh well, perhaps if I tweak it here and there it’ll be better”. The same goes for my blog layout. To me, neither are ever perfect. I know I need to create something and stick to it but God dammit it’s so tough!

And that’s it! Confessions done! Well, the big ones anyway! Do you relate to any of these? What are your blogger confessions? Go on, ‘fess up and share them with us!

– With Lipstick and Love x


  1. 19th February 2017 / 8:30 pm

    I love how honest this is! Im shocking at replying to people too – but I’m working on it!!!

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