Current Hair Saviours

Current Hair Saviours

For as long as I can remember I’ve been dying my hair. I would constantly be told ‘You don’t need to do that’ or ‘If you keep that up you’ll ruin your hair’. Of course, being my usual stubborn, independent, pain in the ass self, I didn’t listen to any of the above advice and abused my hair for years on end. Near enough every week my hair was a different colour. In fact in my Year Book several people wrote I’d be remembered for my ‘chameleon hair’… To give you an idea; I went from jet black to white blonde in one sitting at the hair dressers. I know, ouch. ‘Fuck it’, I thought. You only live once right?

Well I’m now truly paying for the damage I caused all those years ago. Now when I feel like I need to dye my hair (I’ve found one or two greys recently, like what the hell I’m not that old surely?!) I get cautious as I don’t want to damage my hair further and also due to all the previous damage my hair simply won’t hold the colour for any longer than a week!

Enter John Frieda, a brand I’ve known and loved for a long time now. They recently launched a new range of shampoo and conditioners for both blondes and brunettes; ‘Go Blonder’ and ‘Go Deeper’. Instantly I was intrigued and didn’t hesitate to pick up the entire Go Deeper collection and give it a go myself.

The John Frieda Go Deeper range promises to give you visibly richer and deeper tones in your hair instantly. I thought this was the answer to my prayers! Could I really get a beautiful rich and deep colour without dying my hair? Well it was certainly worth a go!

John Frieda Go Deeper

Now I don’t know about you guys, but when I hear the word ‘instant’ I expect to see results after the first use. You’re the same right? This isn’t me being unfair? So to say I was a little disappointed after using this product for the first time and saw no difference to my hair colour left me somewhat deflated. I knew this was too good to be true.

To be honest, at this stage I was ready to throw in the towel, but I thought sod it I may as well finish the bottles, after all it did leave my hair feeling gorgeously silky soft and smooth even if it didn’t give me that rich, deep colour I was hoping for.

Fast forward a few washes and Oh. My. God. I am so glad I stuck with this product! The results hit me out of nowhere. After the third wash I remember looking in the mirror and BAM! Beautiful, rich, deep tones shining throughout my hair. How the hell did this happen!? It honestly looked as though I’d dyed my hair. The difference was unreal.

To be honest I’m so gutted I didn’t take a before and after photo. I’d lost faith in this product so early on I’d written it off without giving it a chance. Foolish mistake. Foooooolish! I’ve now been using the John Frieda Go Deeper range for well over a month now and I honestly wouldn’t think about using anything else. My hair feels so beautifully conditioned and silky soft whilst having that just-coloured look after every wash.

You can pick up the entire Go Deeper collection from most supermarkets or Boots / Superdrug. If you use it let me know how you get on! Or if you use the Go Blonder I’d love to hear how that worked out for you!

– With Lipstick and Love x



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