How to Fake a Marble Flat Lay

How to Fake a Marble Flat Lay

Yes, it’s a blogging stereotype, but let’s be honest; everyone loves a marble flat lay. Whether it’s to accompany a blog post or the latest addition to your Instagram feed most people will opt for this type of image at least once in their blogging lifetime. Or if you’re like me, it’s a weekly staple! Now marble is expensive, I mean reallyyyy expensive. So how do you get that marble look yourself? Easy. You fake it.

How? Howwwww?! I hear you scream. Well gorgeous, it’s easy (and actually super cheap). Follow my step by step instructions below:

You Will Need

  • Marble Self Adhesive Film – This was super easy to find. I’ve got a couple of flat lay boards and managed to pick them up for £5 a roll from both B&Q and Wilko
  • Mount Board – Or even a large piece of cardboard. If you’re on a really tight budget use the side of a cardboard box. Obviously pick what size works for you but I use an A1 mount board from Hobby Craft (£4). Don’t worry about the colour as you’ll be covering it with the adhesive film.
  • Scissors
  • Ruler / Book / Credit Card – Something to smooth the film when sticking it to the board

How To Make Your Marble Flat Lay

  • Put your mount board / cardboard on a flat surface
  • Peel away a small section, no bigger than 1-2 inches, of the marble adhesive and carefully stick to the board
  • Run a ruler / book / credit card over the adhesive to smooth any bubbles or creases
  • Continue to unroll the adhesive and stick to the board. Do this in small sections so it is easy to smooth as you go.
  • Once you have fully covered your board fold and stick the edges over the side of the board.

Note: It is a good idea to leave ‘over hang’ to stick around the edges to create a smoother line. If you cut the adhesive right up to the edge of the board you are less likely to get a smooth, even, finish.

It’s as simple as that! A gorgeous marble background all for under £10. Quite the bargain even if I do say so myself. You don’t need anywhere overly fancy to set up your board either, I place mine on the sofa – You’d never know how un-glamorous it really is behind the scenes!
Are you planning on making a marble flat lay board? If you make this for yourself I’d love to hear how you got on!
– With Lipstick and Love x

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