How To Improve Your Blog Without Writing A Post

How To Improve Your Blog Without Writing A Post

Every blogger wants to improve their blog. Anyone that says different is, quite frankly, lying. It’s safe to say that everything we create is a work in progresss as we all strive to achieve more and develop ourselves further. We all have our goals; whether it’s a larger following or better and more frequent content, it’s unlikely to find a blogger, or indeed anyone in life, who sits and thinks ‘In a years time I want to be exactly where I am now’. Everyone wants to improve themselves and the work that they create but it isn’t always about sitting down and writing a million blog posts.

“What?” I hear you scream. “But to be the best blogger isn’t creating thousands of posts is the most important thing to do?”


Trust me on this, it’s really not. So how do you improve your blog without writing a single post? Well let me share a few tips I’ve learned…

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest!

I cannot stress this enough. PINTEREST! This site is great for any blogger. It’s not all about pinning pretty pictures (although I love doing this!) It is also a fantastic way to drive traffic to your blog. By all means this isn’t something that is going to see your stats skyrocket over night, it takes time and commitment. However if you have the patience it really is worth investing time into doing. You should also start is by changing your account to a Business Account. This is so easy and, even better, free to do! All you need to do is add a little code to your blog to verify the account. You’ll find people will start to pin your pictures and your blog links and hey presto! More ways in which you can gain traffic to your site. Also wouldn’t it be so lovely to see your images pinned onto someone’s board? Ultimate flattery right there!

Plan your posts

This may seem obvious, but knowing what you are writing and when your posts are going live really helps you post more regularly. You’ll find that having more control over what you’re posting and when will also help you to produce better content as won’t be left writing something just for the sake of it.

Share the love

Leaving comments and sharing the love will really help, not only building relationships with other bloggers but it will also get your name out there. Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or directly on their blogs, the more you comment the more people will see your name and be tempted to click on your blog. So what are you waiting for? Get commenting!

Schedule your tweets

I swear by this, so much so I was questioned why I spent so much time on Twitter at work. I wasn’t, but it just proved that my scheduled tweets were working! None of us have the time to be tweeting and sharing links 24/7, yet social is such a big and important part of growing. Has anyone else noticed if you’re absent from the social world for even just a few days your stats drop? It’s such a powerful tool you really need to ensure you stay on top of it! This is where scheduling comes in; by ensuring you have a list of tweets / links / social updates ready to go you can get on with your day without having to worry about people not being kept up to date! Take a few minutes out of your day to schedule your tweets and posts. Personally, I love Buffer!

Learn to use your camera

This again is a no brainer. You want beautiful, eye-catching images that make people go “WOW!” Well you’re not going to achieve that if you don’t know how to properly use your camera. Take the time to learn all it’s different settings, and heck if you’re like me and hate reading the manual YouTube it! There are hundreds of fantastic videos out here, there’s bound to be one on your camera!

– With Lipstick and Love x




  1. 27th January 2017 / 5:26 pm

    Some really good tips here especially the pinterest one! I need to use it more.


  2. 31st January 2017 / 9:46 am

    You’re right. More doesn’t always mean more. There is more than one way to improve your blog, and it doesn’t always have to include writing a new post. It’s really basic: promote yourself, give positive feedback to other bloggers, and it’ll boomerang back to you. Great post! This is really innovative information you provide here. I hope to read more like this.

  3. 3rd February 2017 / 4:36 pm

    Thanks, this is the post I needed to read. I’ve just started my blog, and I’m really struggling to get my posts in front of people. I know the content is good, so I think it’s more the promotion I need to improve! I’ve been using Hootsuite but will give Buffer a go. This really helps – thanks!

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