March Lust Lists

March Lust Lists

There isn’t usually a long list of things that I lust after as I tend to go on spontaneous purchase sprees if there’s anything that catches my eye. Saying that, you may or may not know, I recently caught Jack rummaging through my makeup collection, and by rummaging I mean digging his nails into my Nars palettes, squeezing my By Terry foundation into the carpet and smearing my Benefit blush into the coffee table.

After Jacks little… Expression of creativeness, let’s call it, I had to throw away the best part of £300’s worth of makeup that he had completely ruined. Yes, before you ask, I cried. Anyway, this left me in a somewhat awkward and unusual state of not being able to replace all of said makeup. I mean, who has a spare £300 laying around to unexpectedly have to replace your favourite makeup at the drop of a hat? Not me that’s for sure!

So yes, as rare as a rare thing, for once I actually have a fairly hefty lust list. The below products are what I’ll be purchasing (and in most cases re-purchasing) for myself to fix the damage my delightful 3-year-old caused.

I know I have so many Bee Sting products in my wish list – This really is a range I can’t get enough of! My current moisturiser is the Nip + Fab Bee Sting Fix Cream Deluxe and it is so good. Since using this product my skin feels firmer and smoother and I’ve noticed my frown and laughter lines aren’t as prominent. My prior thoughts of getting botox have been postponed (at least for now) as these products are that good I seriously can’t see myself needing the hard stuff any time soon.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you think of them!

– With Lipstick and Love x

P.S. I know I complained a lot about Jack in this post. Yes I was speechless by what he did – but overall he is a good boy. Any parent knows they can be little terrors at times… But it never stops you from loving them all the same… The little toe rag!


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