Sunday Lunch At The Hand and Flowers

Sunday Lunch At The Hand and Flowers

Last weekend Spence and I went to the Hand and Flowers in Marlow for lunch. For those of you that don’t know, the Hand and Flowers is owned by Tom Kerridge and is a two Michelin star pub, it is also the first pub to achieve this – Pretty impressive stuff huh?

We got there early so we could sit in the bar and enjoy a cocktail (or two) and I could’ve quite happily sat in there all afternoon. The big, light and bright room was so well decorated with comfortable worn leather sofas and wooden tables that complimented the modern metal bar beautifully. The room also had wonderful exposed beams which added extract character to the bar.

Hand and Flowers Marlow Hand and Flowers Marlow

After our drinks we moved into the restaurant and were sat in a beautiful cosy corner looking out over the rest of the room. I loved this as I hate having my back to people (and also love a bit of people watching). We really couldn’t have had a better table! We were brought the wine menu and being the indecisive person I always am they brought us a selection of wines to taste before settling on which one we liked the most. Not going to lie, that’s pretty damn good service right there.

After taking a look at the menu Spence and I both picked the¬†Treacle Cured Beef with Red Wine Sauce. We’d decided not to have starters as we were both so excited for the mains and I’m pleased we didn’t. Our waiter had brought us a taster of deep fried whitebait and soda breads so have before our meal. This was such a lovely and unexpected touch!

Hand and Flowers Marlow Hand and Flowers Marlow

I’ll level with you right now. My¬†only disappointment during this meal is that I didn’t think ‘oh sod it’ and order the dessert. After the mains I was SO full it was unreal. The dessert menu looked absolutely amazing and I seriously has my eye on the White Chocolate Bavarois. In hindsight, I should’ve just gone for it and waddled out of the restaurant, I’m sure no one would’ve judged.

As for the bill, you get what you pay for. We had incredible service and out of this world food and drink. Saying that, yes it isn’t something you’d go every night for dinner, but regardless. When you take into account their service, food, and the whole experience it was really worth every penny and more-so.

Overall, the Hand and Flowers is nothing less than exceptional. If you’re planning on visiting but aren’t local (or even if you are) they also have some fantastic cottages you can book in to for the night with gorgeous beds, hot tubs and rain showers – Who could say no to that?! Check out details on how to book over on the Hand and Flowers website… You won’t be disappointed!

– With Lipstick and Love x

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