Sunglass Emporium

Sunglass Emporium

Now I’ll be honest, sunglasses never used to be a huge love of mine. I saw them more of something practical to have while on holiday and I’ll admit to picking up the cheapest pair I could find without paying too much attention to what they actually looked like (usually this would be en-route to the airport for said holiday!)


I’m pleased to say that all that has changed. The past few years I’ve really fallen in love with sunglasses and all the beautiful designs, shapes and colours that are now so easily available. Some are so stunning they actually look like works of art. I don’t know if this new appreciation and love for sunglasses came from the fact I was prescribed glasses for normal day to day wear a few years ago or whether the timings were a mere coincidence, but either way now I am totally obsessed.


I’m an avid fan of Instagram, it’s really no secret. Easily 90% of my phone in hand activity time is spent scrolling through the millions of photos that are being posted, and that is where I came across the amazing page Sunglass Emporium (You can find their store by clicking here) and their glasses are quite literally to die for! Having had a good look around the site I really can’t get over the price of these glasses, they are such good value for money with most pairs costing around £16-£18.


Having spent hours looking at all the gorgeous glasses they stock, and speaking with the lovely owners of the page I just fell in love even more… I mean, look at the glasses. They speak for themselves!


Yesterday I was lucky enough to arrive home from work to be greeted by a little box full of sunglasses from Sunglass Emporium and wow, they truly are just as gorgeous in real life as they look on screen! If you like the glasses I have posted they are (from top to bottom of the photo): Aria Rose Gold, The Ibiza, Layla Turquoise)


Keep a look out on my Instagram for some more photos of these beaut glasses coming soon… It’s safe to say they’ll all me coming on holiday with me in a few weeks time!


– With Lipstick and Love x






  1. Claire Watson
    23rd June 2016 / 5:16 pm

    I love those sunglasses! Are they from the same place as the ones you were wearing the other day? Xx

    • Harriet
      23rd June 2016 / 6:59 pm

      They are indeed! You should get a pair! xxx

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