Things Beauty Hoarders Tell Themselves

Things Beauty Hoarders Tell Themselves

It’s safe to say that beauty products make me happy. Not only do I love that instant joy of impulse-buying a new lipstick but I also take great pleasure in looking at my makeup collection as a whole. In fact, it’s really something I’m quite proud of.

It’s safe to say that over the years I’ve amassed my fair share of products. I also buy more products than any woman rightfully needs. I can’t help it, it’s becoming somewhat of an addiction. Combining these points has left me as a self-confessed beauty hoarder that has a very crowded bathroom, chest of drawers and bedside table. Oh, and hidden boxes stashed in coat cupboards. Ah, and drawers under the coffee table too…

Some of you might not understand my want need for all of these beauty products. Others of you may be 100% behind me and might possibly even experience the same hoarding tendencies. Either way, I thought I’d pull together a little list of how I justify it to myself as I’m handing my card over to the cashier…

  • One day I might need that black lipstick
  • One more lipstick won’t hurt, I’m not going to wear that black lipstick everyday anyway
  • It was limited edition, if I don’t buy it now I’ll never be able to
  • It’s irrelevant that I get my nails done, one day I might want to paint my own
  • This pink is definitely not the same as my other 27 shades of pink nail polish
  • Ahhh but it’s sooooo pretty!
  • Even after I wash my brushes they’re never quite as soft as brand new ones
  • Mini versions of all my full size products are needed – My full sized ones would never get through the carry on allowance on an airplane
  • Yes I’ve never touched this shade before, but one day I will make it work for me
  • That packaging  is just to die for!
  • It’s so much easier having all the products I have and love in the same palette
  • This product would complete my collection
  • One is my pale foundation and one is my tanned foundation
  • No they’re not the same, one is rose and the other is dusty rose
  • The 3 for 2 deal totally justified what I just did
– With Lipstick and Love x

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  1. 14th March 2017 / 10:08 pm

    These are absolutely hilarious and I definitely agree with all of them! Of course along with ‘This would be great for a review..’ I then proceed to put it in the draw and never get it out again haha! Also, your photos are to die for! X

    Hollie |

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