Things You Should Never Say To A Blogger

Things You Should Never Say To A Blogger

So I’ve been blogging for almost a year now, well 10 months to be exact, and I love it. When I get asked about my blog I turn all excited and almost animated in how I speak about my love for it and the topics I write about. In complete contrast to this, in this time I’ve also learned all too well what it’s like to tell someone that you have a blog and have them stare blankly back at you. I have been on the receiving end of many things that should never be said to a blogger. I’m sure if you have a blog you too will have heard some of these.

Dear *insert any name apart from mine*

Yes, hello, hi, hey there! It’s me. Harriet. That’s right, my name is Harriet. I’ll answer to most things; Harriet, Harri, H, HP… The list goes on. I will not however, answer to Lottie, Rosie, Chelsea, Kate, or any other name that isn’t remotely like my own. This actually happens a lot more often than I’d like to admit. Dear brand / PR agency… I would love to work with you, but not if you can’t get my name right and the message you send is clearly just a copy and paste email… Sorry, not sorry.

You write a blog? That’s adorable!

No, babies and puppies are adorable. Writing a blog is not. Blogging involved so much time, hard work, thought, effort and energy. So much goes on ‘behind the scenes’ that unless you have a blog yourself, you really won’t ever begin to understand.

Ohh so you know Zoella / Tanya Burr / *insert another famous blogger* right?

Again no, just… Just no. Yes I blog and yes I work my backside off, but does that mean I know every blogger out there? No it doesn’t. The blogging world is a huge place, you may as well ask me if I know your cousins, friends, dogs, mother that lives on a remote island off Scotland. Yes that sounds a little extreme… But it’s pretty much makes my point.

You don’t look anything like that photo you just uploaded

*Eye roll* here we go again. It’s me ok? It is me. Yes I take away the odd blemish but oh my goodness it is still me! Oh also, it’s good lighting. If you know me in real life you’ll know I spend my time squinting (girl needs new glasses), or pulling stupid faces (a recent vlog attempt brought this to my attention… Why do I talk out of the side of my mouth!?) Anyways, I digress… The point is, no one uploads an unflattering photo of themselves, it just doesn’t happen.

What’s the point in blogging when it isn’t a full-time paid job for you?

This one makes me quite literally want to hit my head (repeatedly) against a wall. What’s the point in you baking / playing video games / partaking in sport events? Because you enjoy it right? Well it’s the same with blogging for me. I love it, and quite literally can’t get enough of it. The fact I don’t get paid enough to do this as a full time job isn’t remotely seen as a negative for me, right now I’m enjoying writing and if one day it happens to turn into something more then I’ll cross that bridge when or if it arrives.

Do people actually read your blog?

Yes, actually yes they do and I’m completely flattered by it. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to people wanting to read what I write – I am so thankful for all of my followers and subscribers and love all the positive responses I receive.

You copied XXX’s post

Firstly, no, I did not. This isn’t even something worth the debate because it just didn’t happen. Trust me, there are so many blogs and bloggers out there it’s only natural that some posts will be similar to others. There is only so much we can write about! Even when I find posts that are on the same subject as one I’ve written I take the time to sit and read them. I love reading things from other peoples perspectives and find out what they thought about that product / restaurant / city visit / whatever else the blog post is about.

There are of course so many more comments / questions that I could’ve posted but we’d honestly be here all day! Blogging at times is difficult, but you know what – Nothing in life worth doing is easy. Bloggers – Have you ever had any of these things said to you?

– With Lipstick and Love x


  1. 17th March 2017 / 11:25 am

    I loved this post and completely agree. It’s so annoying when people who don’t necessarily blog make assumptions about what we do. I definitely agree with the ‘You don’t look like your photo’ part, like, why would anyone upload a terrible photo haha!

    Hollie |

  2. 17th March 2017 / 3:30 pm

    loved the post! We are bloggers because we like it, we enjoy to take pictures and write about stuff, that’s all! Most of the people don’t understand this, and what go behind the scenes.. and it takes a lot of work behind the camera and behind the computer!

    Love your blog!


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