Welcome to Marlow! – Our Home Tour

Welcome to Marlow! – Our Home Tour

This post has been a long time coming. We’ve now been in our home for 5 weeks and although we’re not finished or have things exactly the way we want them, it’s safe to say we’re very nearly there! I remember getting the keys, being so excited and pretty much running up the high street from the Estate Agents to get to our new front door. Spence and I knew this property would take a little work to get it the way we wanted, however I think he’ll agree that we were both somewhat speechless to see the state it was left in and we soon realised we went into this whole house move thing extremely naive about the amount of work we had ahead of us…

Now I appreciate the mess we were left with might not shock or alarm some people but I’ve been extremely lucky having had my first property as a new build. All I know is shiny, clean, perfect rooms. Everything in it’s right place, and nothing where it shouldn’t be. Walking into our new home was a real eye-opener. It was a state and I was shocked. This didn’t put either of us off and I didn’t love the property any less, Spence and I were both eager to get stuck in and turn this mess into our home.

Oh, did I mention we were working to a deadline? I had in my head that everything had to be perfect for when Jack got home to see his new bedroom (we were lucky enough that he had gone on holiday for two weeks with grandparents), so it’s safe to say I made a bit of a rod for my own back. He probably wouldn’t have minded living amongst boxes and paint cans, but in my head that wasn’t good enough. Everything had to be perfect.

We worked every spare minute we had for two weeks. We’d be at work (actual work, not house work!) from o8:30 – 17:00 then head straight home to sort everything out… Usually until midnight most nights, then back up early the next day to repeat the same again.

As with any project we came across a few bumps in the road. One of my finest moments was probably telling Spence the kitchen floor would cost us £35 when in fact is cost closer to £135… What can I say, when I’m tired maths isn’t my strong point. Speaking of money can we please take a moment to discuss how God damn expensive paint is?! I mean wow, just wow. We really should’ve taken out shares in Homebase and B&Q as we spent so much time and money there!

But anyway, I know what you’re all really here for… Photos! Below are some before and afters of what we’ve managed to do so far. There are still bits that aren’t finished yet; we need wardrobes in the main bedroom and the kitchen isn’t permanent. We plan to rip that out in 18 months and put in a shiny new one (I’ll do before and afters of that too, don’t worry!) Also we haven’t really touched the garden yet… That’ll be a job for next summer I think.

Living Room Before

Living Room After

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After


Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom After

Jacks Bedroom Before

Jacks Bedroom After

Hall Before

Hall After

Office Before


Office After


There are of course a few bits that still need doing. It isn’t quite perfect yet, but I think it’s fair to say that we’ve come a long way in such a short period of time! What do you think?


– With Lipstick and Love x



  1. 27th September 2016 / 10:31 pm

    Omg I absolutely love all your accessories especially in the living room! I need some of these in my life where are they from??? such a beautiful home ?

    • Harriet
      28th September 2016 / 6:16 pm

      Thank you so much!!! I got the accessories from all over the place; Next, John Lewis, my local garden centre (lanterns) and some random boutiques I’ve stumbled across over time. Google is literally amazing though! I’ve seen things in photo’s I’ve loved and simply googled it and managed to find exactly what I was looking for! xxx

    • Harriet
      28th September 2016 / 6:17 pm

      Oh you are too kind! Thank you so much! xxx

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