Why It’s OK To Take A Break

Why It’s OK To Take A Break

To get anywhere in life you need to work hard, that’s a given. When working 24/7 it’s essential to take frequent, quality breaks to make sure you don’t run yourself into the ground. Saying that, taking a break is easier said than done. I know full-well how easy it is to submerge yourself into work / projects you may have going on in life, but no matter how busy you get you always need to take some time out.

The past few weeks have been so intense. It definitely feels as though I’m juggling a lot right now. I’ve recently launched Lola Bows London, I’ve been SO busy at work and trying to keep up with blogging – especially the social side of it, is starting to take it’s toll. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of it and wouldn’t change it for the world but I am starting to feel a bit drained from all of it.

Sometimes taking a break is good and pressing your reset button can be exactly what you need. Taking the opportunity to step back and observe what you’re doing gives you the chance to de-stress and re-evaluate your situation. You can de-fog your mind and make sure you’re putting time and effort into the things that matter to you in life.

I really cherish the little time I spend away from my phone and laptop. It’s so refreshing to not have to update the world on what I’m up to 24/7. It’s amazing being able to enjoy moments without having to share it a split second later. Saying that, my phone will still be in my hand ready to snap the perfect photo…

I used to feel guilty for taking a break every once in a while. I used to think that I was letting people down, or worse, that I was being lazy. Over the past year I learned that taking a break isn’t lazy, it’s essential. How can you expect to work to the best of your ability if you’re tired and have brain-fog? It’s just not possible.

Taking time out is just as important in life as working hard. No one on their death bed says ‘I wish I spent more time working’ but what you might end up saying is ‘I wish I had more me-time / spent more time with my family and friends’. So relax, book a massage or get your nails done, go on holiday or organise a cocktail night. Just make sure that you balance all that hard work with building fun memories.

– With Lipstick and Love x

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